Precision Equipment for Sand Manufacturing & Fine Aggregate Screening

V7 Sand Plant

V7 fine aggregate crushing and screening plants

Outperforming all other sand manufacturing processes in shaping, grading and consistency.

Produces premium concrete sand that can replace all the natural sand in concrete.

Enabling sustainable, low-emissions concrete.

The V7 plant produces better quality manufactured sand than any other process - perfect for concrete or asphalt production.

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Equipment Supplied by

US7 CrusherUS7 Crusher (pictured) is combined with a specifically design Air Screen in a recirculating process to create the V7 Sand Plant

V7 Sand benefits

  • Precision gradation through accurate segmentation of fine aggregates.
  • Excellent shaping of sand particle, producing cuboidal particles right down to 75µm grain size.
  • Consistent quality – consistent gradation every time with FM accuracy of +/- 0.1.
  • Filler extraction - most sub-75µm particle size can be removed from raw material.
  • High purity filler - filler extracted is dry with 90% below 75µm particle size.
V7 Plants
Model V7-40 V7-60 V7-120 V7-240
Power (kw) ~231 ~380 ~760 ~1520
Capacity (tph) 40 60 120 240

Example Plant Configuration

The V7 plant was designed from the ground up to be economically and environmentally sustainable.

Example V7 Crusher Plant Configuration

  • Water mixer optional, used to achieve target sand moisture levels for concrete and for dust suppression on stockpile.
  • Extractor fan also sucks from covered conveyors and bucket elevator to provide complete dust suppression in the plant.

V7 Plant features

  • One step process, taking in raw material and outputting perfectly graded fine aggregate.
  • Dry washing - no water required, preferential removal of deleterious clays and micas.
  • Compact footprint for confined spaces.
  • No dust as entire plant is encased and under negative pressure to dust extractor.
  • Low noise, compared to traditional crushing equipment.
  • Autonomous operation, the core plant uses advanced sensors and high-speed electronic control systems to self-monitor and operate with minimal human oversight.

Example applications

Premium Concrete Sand manufactured from a variety of raw materials such as:

V7 Crusher Plant

Kayasand’s premium sand properties – designed as a 100% replacement for natural and manufactured sand.
Ideal sand for concrete and asphalt.


V7 Crusher Plant

V7 Crusher Plant with Premium Sand Stockpile

V7 Crusher Plant with Premium Sand Stockpile

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