Precision Equipment for Sand Manufacturing & Fine Aggregate Screening

Quality Sustainable Sand Manufacturing

The Kemco V7 plant manufactures premium quality concrete sand from quarry fines and recycled materials.

The V7 plant uses a unique crushing and screening system to consistently produce perfectly shaped and graded concrete sand.

Kayasand means premium concrete sand by optimising:

Particle shape
Particle shape
Product grading
Product grading
Product consistency
Product consistency
Crusher Dust to Kayasand

Kayasand benefits:

Particle shape
Decarbonising concrete
Precision shaping and grading enables high packing density and consistency meaning less cement and lower emissions to achieve the same concrete strength.
Particle shape
Premium products from waste
Transforms by-products and waste into premium building products.
No Washing
Slash water demand
Uses no water for washing aggregate, removing a major hassle for quarries. Filler is collected dry and the plant gives off no dust.
Marine Friendly
Concrete without mining natural sand
Replaces all natural sand in concrete with manufactured sand, replacing increasing constrained natural sand supplies.
Increase profitability
Increase profitability
Increases throughput and utilisation while reducing costs increasing quarry profitability.
Premium Sand Manufacturing
Kayasand V7-60 sand plant installed in an Australian quarry processing crusher dust into premium concrete sand.
The plant takes excess <5mm or <7mm material from the secondary or tertiary crusher.
  • In Feed:
    0-7mm quarry rock with less than 1.5% moisture.
  • Kayasand product:
    0-5mm perfectly graded and shaped premium concrete sand.
  • Technology:
    US7 Crusher, Diffusion feeder, V’Sepa air screen, Bucket elevator, dust collector, water mixer, conveyor systems and Kemco PLC and Kayasand plant monitoring systems.


  • Lower emissions concrete
  • Increased crusher dust sales.
  • Replace all natural sand in concrete
  • Rock flour collected dry
  • Washing without water
  • No dust emissions
  • Low noise
  • Autonomous operation
  • Low operating cost

Perfect gradation in one step, no blending required

Premium Sand Manufacturing with Perfect Gradation

Premium Sand Manufacturing using V7 Crusher plant

Premium Sand stockpile from V7 Crusher plant

Premium Sand stockpile from V7 Crusher plant

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