Precision Equipment for Sand Manufacturing & Fine Aggregate Screening

High-Quality Manufactured Fine Aggregate

Kayasand supplies sand manufacturing equipment built around proprietary technology developed by Kemco in Japan and used extensively across Asia.

Kemco'sworld leading crusher, air screen and dehydrating technologies offer dramatic improvements over other processes for fine aggregate manufacturing and screening.

Our technologies enable our customers to produce premium quality fine aggregate at low cost with low environmental impact.

Product Details

Quality Sand for Sustainable Construction

The world needs concrete to make durable, long lasting homes and infrastructure. But the environmental impact of concrete production must be reduced substantially.

The secret is in the sand!

Sand manufactured using Kayasand equipment offers significant sustainability advantages for concrete production including: reducing cement demand, eliminating waste water, replacing natural sand and utilising by-products and waste.

Manufactured Sand Production
Aggregate Crushing to Make Manufactured Sand

Kayasand plants offer:

  • Low environmental impact processes
  • Excellent sand particle shaping
  • Accurate segmentation
  • One step process
  • Dry filler extraction
  • Low noise
  • Sustainable building materials
  • Compact footprint
  • No dust
  • Autonomous operation

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Products & Services

Sand Manufacturing Plant

Outperforming all other crushers in sand shaping

V7 Fine Aggregate Crushers

Our sand manufacturing technology produces a premium concrete sand, designed to replace all natural sand and reduce cement in concrete.

Aggregate Crushers
Aggregate Screening

Delivering precise, fine segmentation and dust removal

V'Sepa air screen range

Our air screen technology can accurately separate aggregates from 40mm down to 75µm with washing. No water used means accurate dust extraction without settling ponds or wasting good product.

Aggregate Screening
Kayasand Plant Installation

Designing, building and commissioning complete plants

Turn-key Installation

We can design, build and commission the complete plant or work with you to build the plant using your existing staff.

Plant Installation
Plant Room Servicing

Ensure your investment continues performing

Ongoing Servicing and Support

We will remotely monitor your plant, provide spare parts, support and servicing to keep your plant running.

Service & Support

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