A more environmentally friendly and sustainable construction industry starts with a engineered sand plant from Kayasand

V7 Crusher Plant

Processing manufactured sand for concrete typically requires massive volumes of water that is expensive to clean up and generates huge amounts of sludge. Our Kemco V7 engineered sand plants use no water for washing aggregate, give off no dust and are typically lower cost to run.

Washes without water

Washes without water

  • Ultrafine "Rock flour" collected dry for use in other applications (80% below 75µm particle size).
  • Preferential removal of deleterious clays and micas that are unwanted in concrete.
  • Optional water mixer enables precise control of moisture levels in sand products used for concrete and for dust suppression on stockpiles.
  • No need for ponds to treat wastewater.
  • No sludge to landfill.
Dust free

Dust free

  • The core plant is enclosed and under negative pressure for dust extraction.
  • Dust is extracted from covered conveyors and bucket elevators to ensure complete dust suppression in the plant.
Low Noise

Low operating cost

  • Longer life and lower wear rate of plant parts compared to typical VSI crusher and cyclone air separation systems.
  • Autonomous plant operation maximises processing capacity without an operator.
  • Lower byproduct handling costs in comparison to typical aggregate washing systems, delivers lower operating costs.

Our plants re-use by-products
and waste from quarrying and recycling.

Our plants re-use by-products and waste from quarrying and recycling.

Kayasand Recycle

The same equipment can be used to process a wide range of materials including quarry aggregate, limestone, recycled glass, recycled concrete and slag.

When sand is engineered using our crushing and screening technology, it flows better, finishes better, binds better with cement and has less voids than typical manufactured concrete sands.

Uniform shape

Cuboidal shape

The V7's shaping process produces cuboidal particles right down to 75µm grain size ensuring good workability and finish when used in concrete.

Dust free

Precise grading

The V7's precisely controlled grading process produces concrete sand in one step without blending. The grading curve shape required, including at the ultrafine level (% passing 75µm) is configurable through plant settings.

Low Noise

Consistent result

The V7 process produces a very consistent product, even with variations in the raw feed grading. A FM accuracy of +/- 0.1 is typically achievable.

V7 plants engineer concrete sand to specification in one step, without blending.

Concrete sands are usually a blend of different manufactured sands, and fine and coarse natural sands.
Our one step process produces sand that that is precisely shaped and graded to your specifications first and every time. There's no need to blend it afterwards.


The V7 sand plant was designed from the ground up to be economically and environmentally sustainable.

No Operator

No operator required

Uses advanced sensors and high-speed electronic control systems to self-monitor and operate with minimal human oversight.

Compact footprint

Compact footprint

Designed for quarries and processing facilities where space is limited, the plant takes up comparatively low footprint.

Low Noise

Low noise

The plant is designed for use in urban areas where noise and dust must be suppressed. The VSI crusher, air screen and dust collector make little noise compared to typical quarry equipment.

V7 sand plants extract everything they can during processing to maximise the value of the raw material. Even ultrafine byproducts.

Ultrafines (<75µm) are extracted dry into a separate silo as a powder for a variety of uses.

Kayasand Ultrafines

Aggregate ultrafines. Used in asphalt dust, GAP products, road base, soil conditioners and specialty masonry.
Limestone ultrafines. Used in cement replacement and agricultural fertilisers.
Recycled glass and slag ultrafines. Used in speciality products.
Recycled concrete ultrafines. Processed to release unhydrated cement for use back in concrete production.

V7 sand plant specifications V7-40 V7-60 V7-120 V7-240
Processing capacity (TPH) 40 60 120 240
Power usage (kW normal) 290 380 760 1520
Power usage (kW peak) 450 550 1000 1900

V7 Sand Plant Info PDF

Example Plant Configuration

Example V7 Crusher Plant Configuration

  • Water mixer optional, used to achieve target sand moisture levels for concrete and for dust suppression on stockpile.
  • Extractor fan also sucks from covered conveyors and bucket elevator to provide complete dust suppression in the plant.