Precision Equipment for Sand Manufacturing & Fine Aggregate Screening

V’Sepa Air Screen Range

Precise, fine segmentation and dust removal.

The Kemco V’Sepa quad-deck screen enables high throughput precision screening of aggregates.

The unique design combines the accuracy of mesh screens the advantages of high air flow systems. It is designed to process <40mm material, but offers particular advantages processing aggregates containing high levels of fines (e.g. <3mm).

V'Sepa benefits

Increase profitability
Higher processing rate – 2x-10x the throughput of conventional screens is commonplace.
Product consistency
Accuracy – Ultrafines are removed before material hits the screen media, enabling high accuracy down to 0.3mm mesh. Ultrafine levels in the product can be precisely controlled.
No Washing
Slash water demand - Uses no water for removing ultrafines, ideal for de-dusting manufactured sand for use in concrete
No Dust
No dust – A encapsulated operating under negative pressure means the plant gives off no dust, even with the doors open!
Kayasand Screening
Versatility – Options for up to 7 different product fractions simultaneously, ranging from 40mm to <0.075mm.

Equipment Supplied by

Kemco Victory Separator - V'Sepa

V'Sepa Specifications

Model RCAS 900 RCAS 1200 RCAS 1900 RCAS 2500
Power (kw) 40 55 65 95
Capacity (tph) 90 120 190 250
Height (m) 4.5 4.8 5.0 5.4
Width (m) 1.1 1.4 1.8 2.7

Table Notes

  1. Actual performance determination is carried out by screening test.
  2. Required power does not include the ancillaries such as a compressor for the dust collector.
  3. Capacity may vary with feed gradation, separation size, moisture, etc.
  4. The above guide capacities can be expected with dry feed material of bulk density 1.6t/m3

Example Plant Configuration

Example V'Sepa Plant Configuration

  • Number of air screen outlets depends on customer requirements.
  • Skimmer is optional and only used for separation.
  • Bucket elevator is optional and can be replaced with a longer feed conveyor.
  • Extractor fan also sucks from covered conveyors and bucket elevator to provide complete dust suppression in the plant.

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