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Kayaglass - Premium Concrete Glass Sand

V7 crushing plant creating premium graded glass sand for concrete or asphalt.

Kayaglass - Premium Concrete Glass Sand
  • Input Example: 0-7mm flamed glass with less than 1.5% moisture.
  • Output Example: 0-5mm perfectly graded and shaped premium concrete sand. Plus a small fraction of high value ultra-fine glass.
  • Technology:US7 Crusher, Diffusion feeder, V’Sepa air screen, Bucket elevator, dust collector, water mixer, conveyor systems and Kemco PLC and Kayasand plant monitoring systems. Pretreatment plant may be required to remove paper, plastics, metal and aluminium.


  • One step process for converting low value crusher dust into high value concrete sand,
  • no water except onto stockpiled sand
  • perfect gradation,
  • excellent shaping down to 0.075mm particle size.
Premium Concrete Glass Sand

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